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Folders & Buttons

When you land on AKTEK iO, you will see the Explorer section. This is where you can see all of your reports and folders and navigate the content of the database.


Login to AKTEK iO > Explorer 

1. To add folders, click Add Folder button. You can assign a custom icon or a custom color to your folder.

Once created, you can right-click on the folder and rename it, move its location or delete it. 

2. To search for a report or folder, use the search box on the right-hand corner. This will become handy when you have a lot of folders and reports in the system.

3. You can change the view of your folders and reports by clicking on the map view next to the + button.

4. You can maximize one tab to fit it full screen by clicking on the maximize icon in the top right. 

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iO Tabs

Opening any report will open its content in a new tab, just like a web browser. There is a lot of things you can do on these tabs. Go through this page to learn some tricks.

1. Right-click on the tab to get the following shortcuts:

  • Close
  • Close others
  • Close tabs to the right
  • Close All
  • Create shortcut 
  • Copy direct Link

Create Shortcut

Creating a shortcut can be very useful for the most visited pages, to save time finding and opening a specific record in a table, a specific dashboard, etc...

It can also help you organize into folders all reports, dashboards, business processes, or networks related to a certain category/country ... all in one place.

Once you choose this option, a popup will appear to configure your shortcut:

  • Name: by default, it will be the open tab's name. If you wish to change it, type any desired name.

  • Is public toggle: by default, the shortcut will be visible to you only. If you make it public, it will be visible to all other users in your company.

  • Custom icon or color: you can choose a custom shortcut icon or color. You can skip this step and use the default one.

  • After confirmation, you will be asked where you wish to save your shortcut. The home folder is the default one. 

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Copy Direct Link

For better collaboration, iO allows you to copy a direct link to any open tab. Imagine you want your colleague to check an interesting record added to a table. All you need to do is:

1- Open this record

2- Click on the copy direct link (it will be immediately copied to your clipboard)

3- Share it with your colleague (by email or over any internal app you use for collaboration).

Note: your colleague needs to have an account on iO, and he will be asked to log in once he clicks on the provided link. If he is already logged in, the tab will immediately open.

Interacting with Tabs

Here is a useful tip in case you need to display the side of your tab by side, to compare certain information:

  • Click and hold a tab

  • Drag the tab to the middle of the screen: a preview will show you how the screen will be split

  • Keep holding and moving it around until you find the best position. You can split your screen vertically or horizontally.

  • Release it. 

The tab will be moved, and the screen will be split in two. Repeat these steps and split your screen as much as needed.

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Recently used

This section will show the last 10 visited pages to help you quickly find the frequently used sections, records, dashboards, etc.

The shortcuts will be created automatically here for your convenience.

Quick notes:

1- You can expand and collapse this section as needed.

2- These shortcuts are visible only to you and not the whole company. Please refer to the Create shortcut section above if you want to create public shortcuts.

Table options

In all table views of the app, you can find the display options on the top left of the table. (i.e., table of users, roles, reports, etc.).

These options include the following:

1- Allow Column resize: move the mouse between the borders of the columns to resize manually

2- Disable Table auto-layout: this will allow you to resize a column beyond the minimum size. 

3- Hide Columns: and then select the columns you wish to hide

4- Show quick actions: the full row menu will be displayed in this case.

5- Use a Simplified page navigator: this function will only display prev/next options for paging.

6- Allow bulk selection: This option will only be available on the reports view.

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This sums up everything there is to know about Folders & Buttons on AKTEK iO.
Should you experience issues or have any questions, contact support for assistance.